We are now in the third and final year of the government’s investment in Asian Language Learning in Schools (ALLiS) funding initiative and it’s going great!

There are currently 10 schools signed up with the VLN Primary Asian Language Project that cover the length of New Zealand with the projected capacity of up to 24. Foundation ALLiS schools are Mangere Central School, Paparimu School (Auckland & district), Moanataiari School (Thames), Oakura, Marco, Matapu Schools (Taranaki) Apiti, and Makuri Schools (Lower North Island), Putorino School (East Coast), and Halfmoon Bay School (Stewart Island).

These schools are collaborating to develop a programme that provides for face to face as well as virtual learning (blended learning), with a focus on culture as well as language and global connections and that accesses the strengths in our local communities.

eTeachers of Mandarin, Japanese and Korean are employed and shared across participating schools; as are Mandarin Language Assistants provided by the Confucius Institute, Auckland. Older students are also tutoring younger students in Tagalog – the native language of the Phillipines, through the ‘Over the Back Fence’ initiative organised by Rosmini College.

Find out more about our ALLiS initiative here (Google Doc)

Key aspects of the programme are in growing NZ teachers’ capability in our schools, creating curriculum and learning resources, strengthening community partnerships and in developing pathways of learning for students wherever they are based.

This project is inclusive of all New Zealand students, and interested schools should follow the link below to find out more about our learning programmes for next year and how to participate.

Our ALLiS Online Classes