Do you want your students to be #connectedlearners, lead their own learning and build key competencies? Do you want to share in the expertise of a growing collaborative network of schools?

We offer the following language classes at the beginner level: Te Reo Māori, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Afrikaans and Tagalog.

Extension classes in Te Reo Māori, Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Maths and STEM Computer Science.

Also Kapa Haka, Future Planning - Life Skills, Web Design, Programming with Scratch, and Astronomy.

In addition to our weekly programmes you can join in special projects such as Over the Back Fence & our Rural Kids Project. Follow the links to find out more about these projects and how to participate.

Learners can participate in small groups as part of a mixed school class, or with their whole class participating. Our learning tools are Zoom webconferencing, Google classrooms and WeLearn virtual school environment. 

All NZ children, school or home based, are welcome to participate.

View our full prospectus of programmes and how to participate here.

More information on all our classes including eTeacher Bios and Curriculum overviews are available on our website:

Places fill up fast, so REGISTER YOUR SCHOOL TODAY

* Schools joining midway through the year have reduced membership costs.

* Schools can participate in Korean classes at NO cost