We offer classes that extend learners in Maths, Astronomy, Computer Science, Programming and Visual Art.  We welcome your ideas for other courses we can do.

Extension Maths with David Pirie

Extension Maths Programme Overview

Astronomy with David Pirie

David is an experienced classroom teacher living in Dunedin. He has a background in small country schools as a teacher of everything. The VLN Primary Astronomy class is an opportunity to explore the fascinating subject of space with wonderment and awe.

Both classes promote curiosity and inquiry, and students are encouraged to be self-directed and collaborative in their learning.

Astronomy Programme Overview

Computer Science and Programing with Ginette Van Praag

Learning about Digital Technologies will become required subject teaching from year 1-10 from 2018.  This class will give your learners a head start in this new and essential learning area, and will support the development of their digital fluency and computational thinking skills.  

CS & Programming Overview

Visual Art with Sofie Jacobs

Students will experience Visual Art through a variety of hands-on tasks using different media and techniques like drawing, painting and digital, as they engage in activities, quizzes, and videos to learn about artists/art concepts. The lessons will be based on themes, such as ‘Portrait’, ‘Animals’ and on student input. We will also explore ‘online creative tools’!

During the online course there will be a focus on creative thinking, developing ideas and interpreting art work. Students will be encouraged to communicate their own creative ideas using different media.

The lessons are based on the NZ Curriculum for Visual Art and students will gradually build up a rich repertoire of ‘Art Language’ and practical knowledge.

Visual Art Programme Overview