Your weekly health and wellness lesson brought to your students by the senior students at Rosmini College. 

The Over the Back Fence project is into it's 5th year and some classes have been there for the whole journey. 

Here is how it works:

 Once a week your class connects at the agreed upon time (ZOOM or SKYPE) to Rosmini College students who will teach a short, simple lesson on a topic that you have chosen from a list of possible topics that is emailed to you prior to the start of lessons.

It costs absolutely nothing to participate. 

Classroom teachers can say to the Rosmini students what lessons they want taught and when. You can involve the whole class or just a few, who might then teach the rest of the class on your schedule.

During 2016, 52 classrooms participated in the programme. Why not have your class join too?

Contact Geoff Wood ( 

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