Expressions of Interest for Learning Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Arabic

Did you know that Hindi is the 4th most spoken language in New Zealand? We want to hear from schools, communities and families who are interested in joining online classes for any of these languages.We can provide short cultural taster programmes for schools, language classes for beginners or extension classes for native speakers wishing to… Read More

Poetry Study

Students are invited to join this literacy learning opportunity. Voice: students will share their thoughts, their findings and their writing with others so they can learn from each other during half hour online meeting time and writing displayed on welearn site. Choice: students will be given a variety of ways they can present their writing… Read More

Asian Language Online Classes

Whether you want your learners to get a taste for Asian Culture, or want your whole class or year group to study for the year, we offer a range of online Asian language classes to suit their needs. Chinese Programme with Laoshi Lisa Wang  or Su Yang Beginner and extension classes in Chinese. Students will… Read More

Learning Chinese online

Here are some snapshots from Laoshi Lisa’s online Chinese classes to give you an idea of how learning online works in the VLN Primary school. All NZ schools and children can participate in our classes. Contact us to find out more.

Web Design

Could you be a web designer? Jen Hammonds is our web design tutor. Jen is a teacher but also a graphic and web designer, a PERFECT MATCH A web designer needs a few skills to be successful, and it’s not necessarily coding. A web-DESIGNER needs an eye for design and composition, expertise in selecting important… Read More

Future Planning – Life Skills

Students will investigate financial literacy through a variety of authentic tasks that prepare them for the future but inspire them now! Kia ora, my name is Jen Hammonds and I’ll be your Future planning guide. I’m a primary/ intermediate teacher who developed this project with my students and it’s been a hit with many of… Read More

Maths Extension

Extension maths class promotes curiosity and inquiry – students are encouraged to be self-directed and collaborative in their learning. Read about the Extension Maths learning programme here.

Literacy Booster

This programme has been developed to empower our Year 8 students with improved literacy skills and confidence as they prepare to move onto high school. Purpose: Improve written language skills for Year 8 students who are preparing to transition to high school. This programme will provide them with guided learning opportunities to develop their spelling,… Read More

Extension and Creative Classes

We offer classes that extend learners in Maths, Astronomy, Digital Technology, Life Skills, Web Design and Visual Art. We welcome your ideas for other programmes we can run. Digital Technologies  Learning about Digital Technologies will become a required teaching subject for years 1-10. This class will give your learners a head start, and will support… Read More

NZSL – New Zealand Sign Language

We LOVE that through our schools sharing their expertise, we are now able to offer New Zealand Sign Language classes online. Thanks to Jo at Waitoriki School our children will have this opportunity to learn NZSL! “Sign language is a combination of hand shapes, facial expressions and body movements. New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is… Read More

Digital Technologies

The new Digital Technologies Technology areas,  (Computational Thinking and Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes), need to be integrated into the curriculum for all New Zealand students from year 1 – 10 for 2020.  VLNP offer Digital Technology classes at NZC Technology Learning area levels 1-5. Students use programming to create interactive stories, animations and games… Read More

Logo Design

Could you be a logo designer? A successful logo designer needs to be able to see further than what ‘looks pretty’. They explore how to give meaning to logo designs so they project what a company is about to their potential customers. What will be taught? Students will begin to understand the purpose of logo… Read More

Investing in the Stock Market

Risk versus Reward! Students investigate the stock market through a variety of authentic tasks that prepare them for possible investment decisions in the future! After learning the basics students access tools to invest pretend money but in real companies. We follow the stock market to see how their investments pan out and look into why… Read More

Mrs Gren – Science

How does Mrs Gren work? What makes a cats and dogs so different? Why can some birds not fly? MRS GREN is an acronym often used to help remember all the necessary features of living organisms: Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition.   An introduction into Mrs Gren, the seven principles of life. This… Read More

Matter & Materials

Why is a diamond so strong and clear while lead is so brittle and dark? An introduction into materials and matter. This class will introduce these components of the Material World and Physical World strand of the Science Curriculum: Investigate molecular structure, (appreciation of states of matter and chemical structures); Investigate and understand changes of… Read More

Science Classes

We offer classes that extend learners in Astronomy, Matter & Materials and Mrs Gren (Science). We welcome your ideas for other programmes we can run. Astronomy The VLN Primary Astronomy class is an opportunity to explore the fascinating subject of space with wonderment and awe (telescope not required). The class promotes curiosity and inquiry, and… Read More

Te Reo Māori

Nau Mai, Haere Mai. Our Te reo Māori programmes are our most popular classes. Welcome, Welcome Te tūranga motuhake o te reo Māori. The importance of learning te reo Māori.  By learning te reo Māori young New Zealanders ‘s become much more aware of the role that Māori identity, language, and culture play in our… Read More

More Language Classes

We offer the following language and culture classes, aligned to NZC: Afrikaans, French, German, and Spanish. Afrikaans  This class is taught by Mevrou Annatjie Fourie, Principal of Ohura Valley Primary School as her contribution to the VLN Primary School. Not only does this provide our students with new learning opportunities but enables Annatjie to teach… Read More

Kapa Haka

Parents in one VLN Primary school were skeptical that Kapa haka taught online would be any good, but these same parents gave their tamariki a standing ovation for their performance at end of year assembly! Read about the benefits of Kapa haka from our awesome kaiako Koka Jules. Tēnā Koutou katoa, Greetings to you all… Read More

Korean Language and Culture

Join our free* Korean online taster classes supported by the Korean Education Centre (KEC). Find out how your students can participate & take advantage of this offer. We  are offering free* 5 week Korean taster classes for schools who wish to learn the basics of Korean language and culture. The KEC teaching fund enables us to… Read More


The VLN Primary Astronomy class is an opportunity to explore the fascinating subject of space with wonderment and awe. The classes promote curiosity and inquiry, and students are encouraged to be self-directed and collaborative in their learning. Find out more about our Astronomy class here.

Visual Art

Students will experience Visual Art through a variety of hands-on tasks using different media and techniques like drawing, painting and digital, as they engage in activities, quizzes, and videos to learn about artists/art concepts. The lessons will be based on themes, such as ‘Portrait’, ‘Animals’ and on student input. We will also explore ‘online creative… Read More


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