Our Governance Group Roles and Responsibilities

The Governance Group are responsible for overseeing the strategic and financial planning of the VLN Primary School. All our team are passionate about empowering young people with equity & access to education, have networks and experience in business and the community, and are serious about making a difference. They also support the VLN Primary School management team to provide primary schools with:

  • support and leadership for virtual learning,
  • effective coordination of virtual learning programmes,
  • professional learning to enable quality online teaching and learning programmes,
  • personnel to advocate for virtual learning initiatives.

2017-18 Annual Report: ePrincipal Rachel Whalley

VLNP Charter Document 2018 – 2020

Our ePrincipal – Rachel Whalley 

Rachel has led the development of the VLN Primary School as ePrincipal for a number of years. She is passionate about equity and access to education for all learners and the potential of the internet to connect learners. Rachel is a Primary trained and NZ registered teacher.  I think technologies can be a great enabler for… Read More

John Owen

John has worked in technology for 25 years and has seen how it has brought many significant changes to the way businesses operate – both in terms of what they do and how efficiently they do it. The most significant changes have been around communication, culminating in the wide range of social and collaboration tools… Read More

Dr Michael Barbour

Michael K. Barbour is an Associate Professor of Instructional Design for the College of Education and Health Sciences at Touro University, California in Vallejo, California, USA.  He has been involved with K-12 online learning for almost two decades as a researcher, evaluator, teacher, course designer and administrator. His research has focused on the effective design,… Read More

Hazel Owen

Hazel has been recognised for her work in education in New Zealand and the Middle East and is a recipient of several awards and nominations for programme design, research, and teaching practice. She has had more than 13 years experience working with e-Learning in a range of institutions, and has managed and developed projects, as… Read More

Rick Whalley – Chair

Rick is committed to supporting the educational community to develop their pedagogy, to help learners grow and have access to the education opportunities they need. Rick is an experienced educational leader and classroom teacher with a decade of experience as a principal in New Zealand schools. Rick joined the CORE Education team in 2013 as a… Read More

Lorraine Makutu

Lorraine is currently Deputy Principal at a full primary school in Auckland. She is passionate about being an advocate for the voiceless, whilst empowering learners to take flight. Lorraine was a previous member of the VLN Primary Governance Group and has previously been an ALLiS Lead Teacher of Bahasa Indonesian. Lorraine has been a teacher… Read More

Michael Brick

Michael Brick is Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs for Microsoft New Zealand and is based in Auckland. Michael joined Microsoft’s Global Legal and Corporate Affairs Team in 2004 in Redmond, Washington.  Over the years he has supported different Microsoft product development and engineering teams, including Microsoft’s Online Services Division and Windows. He was appointed… Read More

Kath Johnson

Kath was a foundation trustee on the VLN Primary Governance Group, and initiated and leads the Rural & Remote Schools Project. Kath has been a primary school teacher for 25 years. She has spent the past 10 years as teaching principal of Halfmoon Bay School on Stewart Island. Kath is passionate about Stewart Island and… Read More

Geoff Wood

Health and Life Skills teacher Geoff Wood has been on the Virtual Learning Network Board for the past five years: The previous three years as Chair. Geoff started teaching at Rosmini College following a sixteen year stint as a member of the faculty and project director at Washington State University, where he managed a number… Read More