Design Mixer

Could you be a designer? A successful designer needs to see further than what ‘looks pretty’ and delve into function. We explore a mix of design styles and dip our toes in a little further in areas of class interest.What will be taught? Students will begin to understand the elements and principals that underline most… Read More

Future Planning – Life Skills

Students will investigate financial literacy through a variety of authentic tasks that prepare them for the future but inspire them now! Kia ora, my name is Jen Hammonds and I’ll be your Future planning guide. I’m a primary/ intermediate teacher who developed this project with my students and it’s been a hit with many of… Read More

Heroes & Villains

Digging deeper into the characters who come to life in stories we love to read. Students choose a fiction book (or books) they’re interested in and as a group we discuss a number activities students can choose from to help better understand their characters. Oh No! My book doesn’t have a hero… A hero doesn’t… Read More

Literacy Programmes

Literacy Booster This programme has been developed to empower our Year 8 students with improved literacy skills and confidence as they prepare to move onto high school. Literacy Booster L3 for Y5 -7 builds on students skills and knowledge while working towards level 3 of the curriculum. Creative Writing & Poetry Students will learn to… Read More

Maths Extension

Extension maths (L4 & 5) classes develop logic, reasoning and strategies. Students learn strategies to solve number and algebra problems expressed in words by using multiplicative strategies and/or finding fractions, decimals, or percentages of amounts expressed as whole numbers, simple fractions, and decimals.  They use algebraic thinking and the order of operations rule BEDMAS. Students… Read More

Maths Phenomena

This programme would best suit students with a curiosity and passion for the ‘behind the scenes’ of mathematics. Students will investigate the nuances surrounding mathematics – from where our Arabic number system has evolved from through to ideas around just how big (or small) can numbers get? Students will design and create visually and descriptively… Read More

Music Songwriting

We are offering a project for students who like to express themselves and their ideas through their own created songs. The project is student-driven with the VLNP eteacher as mentor/guide. As part of the project students will access cloud-based music software (likely to be Soundtrap) in addition to their own instruments and computer-based music software… Read More

Risk versus Reward !

Students investigate the stock market through a variety of authentic tasks that prepare them for possible investment decisions in the future! After learning the basics students access tools to invest pretend money but in real companies. We follow the stock market to see how their investments pan out and look into why particular stocks have… Read More

Shaping Aotearoa

Our country is constantly changing – the land, the people, and our perspectives. Understanding the way things are now is made easier by knowing where we’ve come from. New Zealand has a rich, fascinating, and at times frightening history. We explore what our land was like before people, the impact they made, as well as… Read More

Speeches & Essays Booster

Your class is doing speeches at school … is it YIPEE or ARGHH!? Whether you need help getting the basics written or you want to refine your speech to reach the next level, this short 5 week programme is for you! Speeches can be dreaded by students, or provide a stage to really shine. This… Read More

Visual Art

Students will experience Visual Art through a variety of hands-on tasks using different media and techniques like drawing, painting and digital, as they engage in activities, quizzes, and videos to learn about artists/art concepts. The lessons will be based on themes, such as ‘Portrait’, ‘Animals’ and on student input. We will also explore ‘online creative… Read More

Web Design

Could you be a web designer? If you like thinking about design and using digital technologies to create then yes you could! A web designer needs a few skills to be successful, and it’s not necessarily coding. A web-DESIGNER needs an eye for design and composition, expertise in selecting important content to create impact, and… Read More