Do you want your students to have choice and agency, build key competencies and have access to a wide range of curricula? Keen to build your school's resilience and capacity for online learning?

Check out how to participate in VLN Primary and enrol in Semester Two classes starting in Term 3.

The VLN Primary is a schools led and Ministry of Education supported initiative. All NZ children are welcome to participate.


We offer beginner language & culture classes in te reo Māori, kapa haka, NZ Sign Language, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean*, German, French, Spanish, Afrikaans and Filipino.

Learners with prior knowledge can enrol in extension language and culture classes for te reo Māori, kapa haka, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean*, French, German, or Spanish.

5 week whole class taster options are available for all languages.

And much more...

Digital technology: digital technology and digital technologies extension.

Maths & science: Problem solving, astronomy, and biology.

Literacy: creative writing and fictional book inquiries.

Creative arts: visual arts, design, and song writing.

How it works

Each week learners dedicate an hour of their time to meet up with their eTeacher and peers on Zoom and complete independent activities on Seesaw or Google Classroom.

Learners can participate as individuals or small groups as part of a mixed school class, or with their whole class and teacher participating (selected programmes). Teacher participation in online programmes not only supports our learners but provides a valuable PLD opportunity for teachers. 

What does it cost?

Schools can contribute through reciprocity by providing an eteacher to teach online OR can pay participation costs for their students. Funding assistance may be available for students identified by the school as gifted

Special projects

In addition to our weekly programmes you can join in special projects such as Over the Back Fence, Rural & Remote Schools or be supported to lead new collaborative projects. 

Sounds great! Sign us up

1. Register

New to VLN Primary? Register your school's interest with contact details and indication of programme interest. Check out the full details of how to participate

2. Gain student voice

Share the prospectus and talk to your students and school about what programmes they're interested in.  Identify student prior knowledge. Only 15 week programmes are available in semester two. Programmes that invite registrations of interest will run in future semesters pending student interest and eteacher availability.

3. Enrol

Enrol your classes or students for our semester two prospectus programmes (15 week options) by Monday 28th June 2021**. Make a copy of our enrolment Google Sheet and share with

More information on all our classes, eTeachers and programme overviews visit

*Korean language classes are funded by the Korean Education Centre.

**Late enrolments may be accepted but will be dependent on timetable and available space.

Note for schools currently participating:

You do NOT need to re enroll unless you have new enrolments or want to change students' choices. Students with individual enrolments will continue as they are UNLESS we are advised otherwise. There is no additional cost for this. Schools/ students don't need to decide now but to let us know by Monday 28 June when enrolments close.
Schools taking whole class choices will need to decide if they are going to continue for a second semester, there is a cost for this as participation costs for these classes are per semester.