How does Mrs Gren work? What makes a cats and dogs so different? Why can some birds not fly? All these questions and more answered when you delve in the world of biology.

An introduction into Mrs Gren, the seven principles of life.

This class will introduce these components of the Living World strand of the Science Curriculum:

  • Investigate Mrs Gren, (appreciation of each principle of life and understanding its purpose, in different life forms);

  • Investigate and understand adaptations of different animals to their habitat and environment;

  • Understand that the relationship between living things around the world, and what makes NZ so unique with native animals.

Students will develop their conceptual knowledge about the nature of science and how science knowledge has changed over time. They will share their knowledge and ideas through discussion and guided prompts. There will be opportunities for some hands on activities and simple experiments.

The VLN Primary Mrs Gren class is an opportunity to explore the fascinating subject of the living world. The classes promote curiosity and inquiry, and students are encouraged to be self-directed and collaborative in their learning. 

Find out more about our Biology class here.