The VLN Primary offers Digital Technologies classes at NZC Technology Learning area levels 1-4.

Students develop knowledge, understanding and skills of the underlying concepts of computational thinking for digital technologies and designing and developing digital outcomes. 

They learn programming skills to create their own interactive stories, animations and games. They think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively and build their skills and capabilities to be innovative creators of digital solutions. 

We offer introductory programmes through to advanced. Understand algorithmic thinking to build block-based computer code for gaming. Debug (fix) basic code, create and manipulate simple games through user feedback, and develop your own game in Scratch! Extension students will explore advanced Scratch, Javascript, Python and more. Think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.

This is a great opportunity for teachers to learn alongside students and upskill themselves in the Digital Technologies curriculum.

Read more about the Digital Technologies learning programme.