Do you wish to speak the language of love and romance, history and culture?

French is the fifth most spoken language in the world; taught in every country; and is the official language of 32 countries, with 300 million French speakers world wide.

Do you want to have a better understanding of our world and who lives in it?

French is the language of diplomacy and one of the most influential languages widely used in journalism, law, education, and diplomacy. French is an official language of many international organisations like the United Nations, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, the International Olympic Committee and many more.

Do you wish to improve your thinking skills and memory?

Based on Levels 1-2 of French in the New Zealand Curriculum, VLN Primary French students will learn how to meet and greet, ask and respond to basic questions about people and places, relationships, appearance, personality and feelings, ownership, likes and dislikes. Our main focus is on oral and aural communication so you can use your French for fabulous world travel in the future!

Do you desire to be a more conscious thinker and listener who can communicate clearly and think creatively?

Students will experience the French language and Francophone culture through activities, games, art and music and continue to develop the key competencies of Thinking, Using Language, Symbols and Texts, Managing Self, Relating to Others, Participating and Contributing.

Our French teachers are Alana, and Gayleen