Check out the Over the Back Fence Project - Global Connections, Collaborative Inquiry, Reciprocal Teaching. Plan to participate in the future!

The Over the Back Fence (OtBF) project provided a weekly video lesson to over 56 classrooms across New Zealand and overseas. Rosmini College Year 12 students have led 8-10 minutes lessons to some of these schools for now more than five years. Connections occur at a mutually agreed upon time and there are up to 90 different time slots. Classroom teachers select topics for the Rosmini students to develop and present. Participating New Zealand classrooms can also connect with overseas schools. OtBF now regularly connects with classrooms in India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Australia, Korea, Japan, and Cook Islands.

Registration for the programme is now underway. Lessons run weekly until late November. Teachers interested to join their class with the Over the Back Fence project should contact Geoff Wood for further information and to request a Registration Form.

Two great activities for your Filipino Students 

As part of the ALLiS initiative with VLNP, Rosmini College developed the Tagalog Language programme. Tagalog is the main language of the Philippines. As part of the development senior Rosmini students (in partnership with Ashburton College students) trialled classes and students rated their tutors 11 out of 10 for enthusiasm and fun while also gaining language confidence! The programme is a definite hit and Visayan and Llocano languages may be added if there is demand.

Teachers with Filipino students in their classes are asked to find out if they would like to join the weekly classes. If they can't join the language class, then please enable them to join  our Virtual Merienda - a weekly on-line gathering of Filipino students  using ZOOM.

Schools should register their intention now. If you are a Y8 classroom teacher seeking a project for your class or have a few students (ideal for small rural schools) seeking an extra challenge, contact Geoff Wood at

Contact Geoff at for further information.