VLN Primary has recognised the need for affordable and specific opportunities for Gifted &Talented students to better understand themselves as learners.

As an organisation, the VLN Primary was established to expand learning opportunities for all students. The online school allowed an element of freedom difficult to attain in a physical school with limited teachers yet hundreds of curious minds.

VLN Primary draws on students from throughout Aotearoa and brings like-minds and interests together. Whether it's a passion for language, digital technology, science or design, our selection of programmes is forever increasing and can be tailored to suit student needs and talents. Small groups of learners, with similar fascinations, come together with an eteacher -  niche learning becomes a reality.   

The concept of enabling personalised content, connected to passions and strengths, encouraging diversity and student connections is undoubtedly of value to all students, but especially for the gifted and talented community. 

The Ministry of Education requires schools to define a concept of giftedness to reflect their organisation and enable students to be identified and catered for.  The design and implementation of programmes is to enable personal growth, and the opportunity for students to develop their abilities, as well as broaden and deepen their interests. The VLN Primary is a perfect fit, but we've gone one step further.

Gifted and Going Deeper, a 30 week online programme, has been developed to cater for students who are academically gifted. Like-minded students have the opportunity to connect and explore what makes gifted learners unique as well as alike, develop techniques for utilising gifted characteristics, and delve into different theoretical concepts of giftedness from leading academics such as Renzulli and Gagne.

Students discuss goal setting techniques and journaling talent development, bolster creative thinking through games and challenges, and explore a few scholarly habits.

A major part of the programme is Philosophy for Children (P4C). Students are encouraged to respectfully respond to moral, ethical and everyday dilemmas through questioning, considered debate and critical thought.

If you or your school is interested in exploring the opportunities that VLN Primary has to offer, check out our full prospectus! 

Visit our website http://vlnprimary.school.nz/ or contact us primary@vln.school.nz