Do you enjoy sampling the tasty morsels from your local sushi shop? Are you and your friends interested in understanding Japanese anime and manga? Have you seen the bright neon lights of Tokyo and wondered what it would be like to visit?

One way to develop your understanding about Japan is to learn Japanese through the VLN Primary. In our Japanese course, we get to virtually experience the language and culture through videos and stories from our teacher.

Japanese Food — Image by: Olivia Graham

We learn to introduce ourselves and greet others, talk about our likes and dislikes, how to count and understand the Japanese currency, learn about food (and how to order in a restaurant), and talk about our families and school life. We practise writing Japanese kanji - does Japan really have more than 2,000 characters in their alphabet? Is the sushi pictured above really sushi, or is it candy in disguise?

Join our beginner Japanese class to learn the basics about Japanese language and culture.

Japanese Programme Overview