As the VLN Primary Curriculum Lead, Jen works collaboratively with our eTeachers to develop their programmes and share their expertise.

Jen has several years teaching as an online-educator for VLN Primary and Gifted Online, as well as in the physical classroom. In 2018 she was nominated as a finalist for the MindLab NEXT Award and completed a Masters in Education with research papers looking into future focused pedagogy and student engagement, and online education as a vehicle for personalising learning for all students, particularly those with exceptional talents. Jen’s passion lies with the authentic integration of digital technology within integrated learning projects.

Jen has developed several of the VLNP programmes including Te Reo Tahi and Rua, DigitalTech, Future Planners, Maths Phenomenons, Gifted and Going Deeper, Design Mixer and Web Design. She was involved in curriculum development in the physical classroom for many years, specifically with gifted and talented, as well writing and developing resources for a Level 1 and 2 NCEA Foundational Skills course for at risk students with a passion for performing arts. Jen has also provided PLD for educators in Taranaki to aide the integration of digital technologies in the classroom.