Some pretty exciting things have happened in our German classes and there are always spaces for new faces.

Was geht ab?

“Was geht ab?” is the German equivalent of “What’s up?”  It's used as an informal greeting. If you are a teenager, you might also be able to pull off the even shorter “Was geht?” but anyone nearing thirty should stay away from it.

Stephanie Michel (photo below) is our fantastic German teacher who is passionate about the German Language and sharing her knowledge with students.  

Stephanie emigrated to New Zealand in 1998 and has been teaching German in a small Taranaki country school as well as online through VLN Primary. She is passionate about languages and raises her children bilingual.

Languages open doors to learn about others and their culture, they can help create friendships and opportunities as well as understanding.

Stephanie's family lives on a farm in Taranaki and they host a lot of international visitors on their close to self- sufficient property. She enjoys gardening, horseback riding, hiking swimming and lots of other outdoor activities as well as reading.

If you would like to enquire about German classes please contact  VLNP 

HARRY'S VISIT 2015 - and participation in the online German class.

Prince Harry visited Halfmoon Bay School and asked specifically to see an online class in action. Harry joined the German class, taught by Stephanie Michel from Kaimata in Taranaki and with students from Stewart Island as well as Orere School and Kaponga School. The students all greeted Harry in German and he was asked whether he knew any German. He replied that he can’t speak German, that he had learnt French at school but had forgotten most of it and that he would love to learn Spanish.