This programme has been developed to empower our Year 8 students with improved literacy skills and confidence as they prepare to move onto high school.

Purpose: Improve written language skills for Year 8 students who are preparing to transition to high school. This programme will provide them with guided learning opportunities to develop their spelling, grammar and written language skills. The students will build on their skills and knowledge while working towards advanced level 4 of the curriculum.


Students’ will have increased accuracy and fluency in writing a variety of texts across the curriculum, their level of control and independence in selecting writing processes and strategies, and the range of texts they write. Students will be confidently and deliberately choosing the most appropriate processes and strategies for writing in different learning areas.

Learning Outcomes (NZC L4):

  • Integrate sources of information, processes, and strategies confidently to identify, form, and express ideas.

  • Show an increasing understanding of how to shape texts for different purposes and audiences.

  • Select, develop, and communicate ideas on a range of topics.

  • Use a range of language features appropriately, showing an increasing understanding of their effects.

  • Organise texts, using a range of appropriate structures.

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The Literacy Booster programme is also available for younger students (Y5 - 7)  working towards L3 NZC.