Governance Group Trustee 2016 - 2018

In 2015 we started with a small group of 3 students to see how VLNP might fit in with our own school vision. It has now become an option for all our Year 6 students to participate in VLNP learning programmes.

The VLNP fits with the management of our learning environments really well and includes some of our supported learners. 

Melanie is Deputy Principal of Wairakei Primary School and leads the direction of teaching and learning using technologies. In 2016 30 students were enrolled in the VLNP and 2 teachers delivered classes as contributing eTeachers. In their senior school they have 80 students in what they call their Te Mihi Community with three teachers. The students write their own learning goals and use these to direct their choices of learning workshops, with support and guidance from their teachers. Some of their students need lots of support with this and others are self directed. 

The really important thing about this is that the students know if they are a supported learner and if they can do it on their own.