Over the Back Fence project activities and proudly announce that they reached two milestones in 2018 – 100th school and 15th country. Check out their schedule for 2019

Health and Safety lessons are 8-10 minutes in length unless there is prior arrangement. See the list of suggested topics in the attached document. The lessons use asimple format starting from an introductory question, content, and questions to end. We also encourage classes to teach us and/or another classroom lessons were you are the “experts”.

PHILIPPINE LANGUAGE AND CULTURE ACTIVITIES continue in 2019. These classes are a wonderful way for your Filipino students to connect with their culture and language.   We will offer at least four Tagalog class in 2019, as well as Visyan, & possibly Cebuno.

Student Global Newspaper Classes are invited to participate in our weekly global student newspaper. News and themed templates are published at the beginning of each week for your students to write and upload their work and photos, etc. It is not necessary for your students to post each week. The target age-group for this project is Y5 to 8 students.

Collaborative Projects Collaborative Projects for 2019 are: The Global Playground Project and Sport Safety Project. A third project, focusing on a Disease will be added soon.

These activities are a great way to begin collaborative online interactions with students from other schools around NZ and the world. You can read more details on these activities in the flyer attached and on the Over the Back Fence website.

Contact Geoff directly for more information or to participate gwood@rosmini.school.nz