Your class is doing speeches at school ... is it YIPEE or ARGHH!? Whether you need help getting the basics written or you want to refine your speech to reach the next level, this short 5 week programme is for you!

Speeches can be dreaded by students, or provide a stage to really shine. This course can be tailored for students at both ends of the spectrum.

For those who need help with the basics we will cover... 

- basic essay and paragraph structure

- tips for hooking in the audience

- using Google Docs Suggestion Mode for editing

- projecting our voice and reducing delivery nerves

We can also look at tools for recording our speeches so they can be presented to the class without needing to be live.

For those at the upper end of the spectrum, we'll cover what makes a great speech and analyse what individuals can work on to excel. It would be beneficial to provide school marking schedules to be used for student assessment. Check out this awesome speech by New Zealand student Te Puni on race unity.

Contact us to register your interest.