Sunny, our Korean teacher, is excited to be teaching her native language here in New Zealand with the VLN Primary School.

Sunny emigrated to NZ in 2003 and lives in Dunedin with her husband and 2 young children. Sunny loves interacting with children and people from different cultures. 

"I was born and raised in a little village in South Korea (Sun-Cheon) and I had never met any foreigners until 2000. I thought everybody in the world only spoke Korean. However, I had a chance to go to the USA as an exchange student in 2000 and met many Americans with different cultures and languages. It opened my eyes to see a different part of the world I had never experienced before. So I decided to visit other countries and experience other cultures. I traveled to New Zealand in 2001."

Captured by beautiful landscape and the diverse society of wonderful people, I made my decision to migrate in 2003 and got a job as an accountant of Mercedes-Benz in Wellington. In 2008 I met my husband and settled in Dunedin.

It still fascinates me to meet diverse people with different cultural backgrounds and share my  Korean culture and language with them."

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