Philosophy – Introductory Ethics

Explore ethical issues and develop critical thinking skills as we discuss a range of cases and ask questions such as: ‘Is it ever okay to lie?’ and ‘Should animal testing be banned?’This class will introduce ethics through a range of cases and philosophical discussions. Students will be encouraged to think for themselves and refine their… Read More

Creative Writing

Students are invited to join this literacy learning opportunity. Voice: students will share their thoughts, their findings and their writing with others so they can learn from each other during half hour online meeting time and writing shared in the Google classroom. Choice: students can choose a variety of ways they can present their writing… Read More

Fictional Heroes

Digging deeper into the characters who come to life in stories we love to read. In our first semester students choose a fiction book (or books) they’re interested in and as a group we discuss a number activities students can choose from to help better understand their characters. Oh No! My book doesn’t have a… Read More

Speeches & Essays

Your class is doing speeches at school … is it YIPEE or ARGHH!? Whether you need help getting the basics written or you want to refine your speech to reach the next level, this programme is for you! Speeches can be dreaded by students, or provide a stage to really shine. This course can be… Read More