Nāku te rourou, nāu te rourou, ka ora te tamaiti.

The Virtual Learning Network Primary School (VLNP) is a charitable trust governed and resourced by participating schools and in part by the Ministry of Education.

We are a collaborative community of schools throughout New Zealand, working together to provide improved educational opportunities for students through online learning. The community aims to meet the needs of students in the primary schooling sector from Years 1 to 8 and is inclusive of all Primary, Kura, Intermediate and Area Schools.

Participation in the VLN Primary provides a growing number of opportunities for your students to access online learning that may not be available to them in their own schools. Teachers are supported to develop in their confidence and capability in elearning. Connections and collaborations are brokered through a developing Online Community of Learning.

Working together to provide more choice and learning opportunities for our students.

The VLN Primary initiative aims to extend learning opportunities for our students by enabling online collaborations between schools.

Here you will find more information about the VLN Primary, our online classes,  tools, and access to PD and support.

We welcome you to take the opportunity to explore the VLN Primary further and contribute and participate in the opportunities here.