Big Kids Teaching Little Kids

This groundbreaking Collaborative Inquiry involves Year 12 students from Rosmini College offering 8 – 10 minute lessons to over 50 classrooms across New Zealand and overseas.

Global Connections – Over the Back Fence regularly connects with classrooms in India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Australia, Korea, Japan, and the Cook Islands, and the classroom teachers select topics for the Rosmini students to develop and present. This year there will be up to 90 different connect times. Additionally, participating New Zealand classrooms can also connect with overseas schools.

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Global Connections project – now in its seventh year. Connecting students around the Globe!

Check out the Over the Back Fence Project – Global Connections, Collaborative Inquiry, Reciprocal Teaching. Plan to participate in the future! The Over the Back Fence (OtBF) project provided a weekly video lesson to over 56 classrooms across New Zealand and overseas. Rosmini College Year 12 students have led 8-10 minutes lessons to some of… Read More

Global Connections – Making it Work

Having been asked often, “How do you establish and maintain your global connections?” Geoff Wood details the nuts, bolts and issues relating to this. We have been on an exciting journey since we initiated an on-line, collaborative, web-presence 13 years ago. We have also hosted 4 live video-conferences. It is not easy developing and sustaining… Read More

South Africa – Global Connection

South African children widen their horizons through regular connections with Rosmini College Toward the end of 2017 the Rosmini College Over the Back Fence project started forging a collaborative partnership with seventeen schools (Braemar Schools) located in the rural hinterland of the Province of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. These primary and secondary schools are all keen… Read More