The VLN Primary Astronomy class is an opportunity to explore the fascinating subject of space with wonderment and awe. The classes promote curiosity and inquiry, and students are encouraged to be self-directed and collaborative in their learning.An interactive introduction to our galaxy, this course will introduce these components of the Planet Earth and Beyond strand… Read More


How does Mrs Gren work? What makes a cats and dogs so different? Why can some birds not fly? All these questions and more answered when you delve in the world of biology. An introduction into Mrs Gren, the seven principles of life. This class will introduce these components of the Living World strand of… Read More

Life Skills

Students will investigate financial literacy through a variety of authentic tasks that prepare them for the future but inspire them now! DISCOVERING A CAREER TO SUIT YOUR SKILLS! BUILDING A RESUME AND INTERVIEW TIPS! WHERE DOES YOUR PAY DISAPPEAR TO?! BUDGETING FOR FOOD, CLOTHES AND SHELTER! Students will investigate financial literacy through a variety of… Read More

Maths Explorations

This programme would best suit students with a curiosity and passion for the ‘behind the scenes’ of mathematics. Students will investigate the nuances surrounding mathematics – from where our Arabic number system has evolved from through to ideas around just how big (or small) can numbers get? Students will design and create visually and descriptively… Read More

Maths Extension

Extension maths (L4 & 5) classes develop logic, reasoning and strategies. Students learn strategies to solve number and algebra problems expressed in words by using multiplicative strategies and/or finding fractions, decimals, or percentages of amounts expressed as whole numbers, simple fractions, and decimals.  They use algebraic thinking and the order of operations rule BEDMAS. Students… Read More

Physical Sciences

Why is a diamond so strong and clear while lead is so brittle and dark? An introduction into materials and matter. This class will introduce these components of the Material World and Physical World strand of the Science Curriculum: Investigate molecular structure, (appreciation of states of matter and chemical structures); Investigate and understand changes of… Read More