Our Special Projects involve learners from across the globe, rural and remote schools and Asian Languages.

Rural and Remote School’s Group

Regionally Isolated Schools Collaborative Network

This collaborative, Principal-led project, aims to reduce the social isolation of our students and teachers, by providing opportunities for them to connect & learn together online. Would your school like to join in too?

Over the Back Fence (Global Connections)

Big Kids Teaching Little Kids

Now in its seventh year, this groundbreaking Collaborative Inquiry involves Year 12 students from Rosmini College offering 8-10 minute lessons to over 50 classrooms across New Zealand and overseas.

Asian Language Learning in Schools (ALLis) 2015 -2017

The ALLiS Project ran  from 2015 – 2017  and was beneficial for our school, not only in extending the participation of more students in Asian languages, but by allowing us to invest time and resources in upskilling our cluster teachers. The flow-on effect was; development of curriculum, planning and assessment systems and knowledge, this has benefited our language programmes as a whole.